Access Bathing Water Quality Updates

Facility for users to get the latest news on bathing water quality.

Apply for a Radon-in-Air Test

Facility for householders and business owners to apply for a test to check if there is radon in the air.

Calculate Your Annual Radiation Dose

Tool to estimate your annual exposure to ionsing radiation.

Data on Radon in Ireland

Data, advice and downloads on radon in Ireland.

EPA Air Quality Index

Check the Air Quality with the EPA Air Quality Index.

Find a Radon Remediation Service

Register of radon remediation services.

Find a Registered Radon Testing Service

Register of approved radon testing services.

Find an Approved Dosimetry Service

Register of approved dosimetry services.

Map of Radiation Monitoring Locations

Interactive map showing radiation monitoring locations in Ireland.

Map of Radon Risk Areas

Interactive map indicating which areas are at higher risk from radon.