eCabinet (Restricted)

The eCabinet system has made a major difference to the way that Departments prepare and circulate proposals for the Cabinet.  Since the foundation of the State, Cabinet business was prepared in the same way.  A civil servant sat down and drafted on paper (later on-screen) a proposal and then this was sent by hand to people in their own Department and then would be manually carried all over the city to other Government Departments to allow for observations to be given by other Ministers and Departments.  Then all of these Departments would send their observations back again by hand to the original Department and so on.  It was a very labour intensive process that was crying out for change.

The whole process is now handled at the click of a button as information securely moves around between Departments and offices.  This allows for:

  • Elimination of manual distribution
  • Realtime information on developing agenda and documents
  • Integration of Cabinet Handbook requirements into workflows
  • Inclusion of guidance for users in workflow
  • Streamlining of processes in Government Secretariat
  • Creation of complete electronic archiving of Cabinet Papers with consequent lookup value


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