Use Revenue’s PAYE Anytime Service

PAYE Anytime is the Irish Revenue On-Line Service for employees. This interactive facility offers individuals who pay taxes under the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system, a quick, secure and cost effective method to manage their taxes online.

Registered users can:

  • View your tax record
  • Claim a wide range of tax credits: service charges, union subscriptions and Rent Credit etc.
  • Apply for refunds of tax including health expenses
  • Declare additional income
  • Request a review of tax liability for previous years
  • Re-allocate credits between yourself and your spouse
  • Track your correspondence submitted to Revenue

The Benefits of using the PAYE Anytime Service include:

  • Manage your own tax affairs in a quick, easy, free and secure manner
  • Immediate update of your tax credits
  • Speedy repayments
  • Secure access 24 x 7 x 365
  • Environmentally friendly

A small number of customers cannot claim a review using the PAYE Anytime such as:

  • Individuals selected by Revenue to complete a Return of Income (Form 12)
  • Customers who are registered for Income Tax and also have income subject to PAYE



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