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Access Information on Education, Training and Career Paths
Access learning, teaching and assessment resources
Access Qualification Recognition Services
Access the Register of Teachers
Access Waterways Ireland’s eLearning Resource
Apply for a Higher Education Grant
Apply for Higher Education Course
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CAO Change of Mind
Claim for Payment of Replacement Teaching Staff (Schools)
Create School Report Card
Find a school
Find out about the Irish Education Curriculum
Find out about the Momentum Training and Education Programme
Find out about the Springboard initiative
Information on State Exams
Register Interest in the “Active School Flag” Initiative
Request a Statement of Second Level Exam Results
Search for Primary Schools, Post Primary Schools and Other Education Providers in Your Area
Study in Ireland
Track CAO Application
Use Education Services Portal
Use Europass
Use FÁS eLearning Portal
This portal provides a range of interactive online learning courses, available any time through broadband Internet access, for those who wish to learn at their own pace. Continue reading
Use National Adult Literacy Agency’s eLearning Website
Use NCCA Curriculum Planning Tool
Use NCTE eLearning Roadmap
Use Special Education Support Service (SESS) eLearning Facility
Use the Mental Health Commission’s eLearning Website
This website provides an eLearning programme which is designed to support you in updating your knowledge of the Mental Health Act, 2001. Continue reading
View Comprehensive Information on Student Finance
View Examination Results Online
View FAQ’s on Student Grants
View Information on Use of Internet in Education
View School Inspection Reports
View Scoilnet Maps
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