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Project Ireland 2040

Did you receive a bag of Registered Native Sourced Irish Wildflower Seed from us at the National Ploughing Championships 2019?

When and where to sow wildflower meadows

With a heavy soil, sow in September.

On lighter soils, autumn-sown seeds generally germinate and establish quickly, so consider waiting until Spring.

Sowing wildflower meadows

Remove weeds and prepare soil.

Even large areas can be sown by hand quite easily. Wildflower seed should be sown at 1.5 gram per metre. 1.5 grams of seed is equal to one level teaspoon full of seed.

Rake in lightly, water thoroughly and leave them to grow naturally. However, be prepared to protect the seed with netting if birds prove to be a problem.

Project Ireland 2040 is the Government’s long-term overarching strategy to make Ireland a better country for all of its people. The plan changes how investment is made in public infrastructure in Ireland, moving away from the approach of the past, which saw public investment spread too thinly and investment decisions that didn’t align with a well-thought-out and defined strategy. Alongside the development of physical infrastructure, Project Ireland 2040 supports business and communities across all of Ireland in realising their potential.

The Annual Report, published on 2 May 2019, highlights achievements to date under the plan as well as looking forward to what is still to come.

To find out more about what’s happening in your local area, click on the interactive map below or check out the regional documents in Project Ireland 2040: Region by Region.

This video details the benefits of Project Ireland 2040. It features a message from the Taoiseach and an animation that shows the impact of changes.

From: Department of Public Expenditure and Reform Published: 19 June 2018