Understanding life in Ireland

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Understanding Life in Ireland - Well-being Dashboard Analysis

Explore the analysis of the dashboard in Understanding Life in Ireland: the Well-being Dashboard

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Understanding Life in Ireland - Well-being Dashboard Analysis


A well-being perspective

Ireland’s Well-being Framework is a cross-government initiative to help improve our understanding of quality of life and to measure how we are progressing overall as a country. This can help us better align policy decisions with people’s experiences.

The importance of taking a new and broader approach to understanding people’s lives has never been clearer, particularly reflecting on our experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Well-being Framework has the advantage of bringing economic, societal and environmental impacts together under one Framework. It also places a particular focus on equality and sustaining well-being into the future. It includes 11 dimensions of well-being, which capture the areas that matter most to the people of Ireland for a good quality of life, areas such as housing, skills, work, health and community.

In July 2021 the government's First Report on a Well-being Framework for Ireland was published. It captured the first phase of this work and set out the guiding vision and ambitions alongside an initial Well-being Framework and supporting Dashboard of Indicators informed by significant consultation with stakeholders carried out by the National Economic and Social Council.

The second phase of the work, captured in a Second Report - A Well-being Framework for Ireland, published in June 2022, included a Public Conversation and specific research which sought feedback on and tested the initial framework. This led to a refinement of the Framework, in particular placing a stronger focus on sustainability. The Report also sets out a pathway for embedding a well-being approach into the policy-making system over time, including into the Budget process.

Initial plans to take this approach forward include:

  • annual published analysis of the well-being dashboard and a focus on well-being in the National Economic Dialogue;
  • continued embedding into expenditure and evaluation policy;
  • promotion of relevant research and policy developments; and
  • clear supporting structures

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