Low Pay Commission

The Low Pay Commission makes recommendations to the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment designed to set a minimum wage that is fair and sustainable.

When appropriate the minimum wage can be adjusted to assist as many low-paid workers as possible without harming overall employment or competitiveness.

National Minimum Wage Public Consultation 2022

Every year the Low Pay Commission makes recommendations to Government on the rate of the National Minimum Wage.

The Commission has an evidence-based approach to arriving at its recommendations.

In this context the Low Pay Commission invites you to submit your opinion on the National Minimum Wage by 7 March.

All opinions are important to the Commission and will inform its consideration of the appropriate national minimum wage rate for 2022.

You can submit your opinion by email or post to the following:

Low Pay Commission

The Secretary, Low Pay Commission, Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, 23 Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Please note that all comments, observations and submissions received will be subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2014.

Consequently, when submitting material, parties should identify any information which they consider should not be released, and identify the grounds under the Act which support the non-release of the information.

In general, our policy is to make responses to our consultation available on our website following the publication of the relevant report.

We may also quote from submissions in our reports.