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Shared Island initiative

The government’s Shared Island initiative aims to harness the full potential of the Good Friday Agreement to enhance cooperation, connection and mutual understanding on the island and engage with all communities and traditions to build consensus around a shared future.

The Shared Island initiative involves:

  • working with the Northern Ireland Executive and the British Government to address strategic challenges faced on the island of Ireland
  • further developing the all-island economy, deepening North/South cooperation, and investing in the North West and border regions
  • fostering constructive and inclusive dialogue and a comprehensive programme of research to support the building of consensus around a shared future on the island

A Shared Island unit in the Department of the Taoiseach acts as a driver and coordinator of this whole of government initiative.

The Shared Island Fund was announced in Budget 2021, with €500m in capital funding available between 2021-25, ring-fenced for investment in collaborative North/South projects.

Shared Island Initiative Report 2022 – Action on a Shared Future

Shared Island Initiative Report 2022 – Action on a Shared Future sets out the second year of the Shared Island Initiative, and how the Government has taken forward its commitment to engage with all communities and traditions to build a shared future on the island, underpinned by the Good Friday Agreement. The report was published on 5 December 2022.

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Shared Island Initiative 2022: Action on a Shared Future

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