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Safety information, animal and farm welfare and grants.

Access Annual Nitrogen and Phosphorus Statements

Facility allowing users access to the annual nitrogen and phosphorus statements from Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Access the Basic Payment Scheme

Facility that allows users to complete, submit and view Basic Payment Scheme applications online.

Access the Herd Profile Enquiry System

Facility for users to access the Herd Profile Enquiry system, which gives details of the animals in your herd.

Animal Health Ireland

Animal Health Ireland advises livestock producers and processors on establishing effective control programmes for non-regulated diseases of livestock.

Apply and Pay for a Licence

Apply and pay for a range of licences and permits through the Integrated Licence Application Service.

Apply for a Cattle Movement Monitoring System Compliance Certificate

Facility for users to apply for a Cattle Movement Monitoring System compliance certificate.

Apply for a Salmon Fishing Permit from the Shannon Regional Fisheries Board

Apply for a Salmon Fishing Permit from the Shannon Regional Fisheries Board

Apply to Become a Registered Sea Fish Buyer

Facility allowing users to apply to become a registered sea fish buyer.

Business Development and Grant Aid for the Fishing Industry

Details of current business development and grant aids for those in the fishing and seafood industries.

Buy a Midland Fisheries Group Permit

Facility allowing users to buy a Midland Fisheries group angling permit.

Buy a Salmon Fishing Licence

Facility to buy salmon and sea trout licences.

COFORD Forestry Research

Facility allowing users to access publications and resources from the COFORD Council for Forest Research and Development.

Central Depository Employment Scheme for Non-EEA Crewmen

Details of the Central Depository employment scheme for non-EEA crewmen in parts of the Irish Commercial Sea Fishing Fleet.

Certificate of Radioactivity Measurement

Details about the Certificate of Radioactivity Measurement, which is given to some exported foodstuffs by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Common Agricultural Policy Beneficiary Data

Access to data on the beneficiaries of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) funding.

Contact the Agriculture Appeals Office

Appeals facility for farmer scheme payments.

Department of Agriculture and Food's online services

Check out the Department of Agriculture and Food's online services.

Farm Animal Welfare Advisory Council

Details on the work of the Farm Animal Welfare Advisory Council in promoting animal welfare in agriculture.

Farm Safety

Guidance and advice on farm safety from the Health and Safety Authority.

Find a Registered Veterinary Premises, Practitioner or Nurse

Facility for users to find a registered veterinary premises, practitioner or nurse.

Get the Latest Beef Price

Up-to-date information on the average price paid for animals in 24 of the meat factories approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Our Ocean Wealth

Facility providing news and research on marine matters.

Pesticide Control Service

The Pesticide Control Service is responsible for implementing plant protection and biocidal product regulations controlling pesticide residues in food.

Register the Birth of a Calf

Facility that allows users to register the birth of a calf.

Targeted Agriculture Modernisation Schemes

Targeted Agriculture Modernisation Schemes provide grants to farmers to build and/or improve a specified range of farm buildings and equipment.

Track a Forestry Application

Facility for registered foresters to track forestry applications.

Watch Help Videos

Access to a number of guidance videos from