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Energy and Emissions Services.

Access Bathing Water Quality Updates

Facility for users to get the latest news on bathing water quality.

Apply and Pay for a Licence

Apply and pay for a range of licences and permits through the Integrated Licence Application Service.

Apply for a Radon-in-Air Test

Facility for householders and business owners to apply for a test to check if there is radon in the air.

Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme

The Better Energy Warmer Homes scheme funds energy efficiency improvements in the homes of the elderly and vulnerable.

Calculate Your Annual Radiation Dose

Tool to estimate your annual exposure to ionsing radiation.

Data on Radon in Ireland

Data, advice and downloads on radon in Ireland.

EPA Air Quality Index

Check the Air Quality with the EPA Air Quality Index.

Electric Vehicle Grant Scheme

Grant advice for motorists considering changing their car to an electric vehicle.

Energy Advice and Mentoring

Register for Energy Advice and Mentoring

Energy and Water Customer Rights and Advice

Facility from the Commission for Energy Regulation providing advice and information for customers about their rights.

Find a Radon Remediation Service

Register of radon remediation services.

Find a Registered Radon Testing Service

Register of approved radon testing services.

Find an Approved Dosimetry Service

Register of approved dosimetry services.

Flood Information Maps

Maps showing areas at risk of flooding.

Flooding in Ireland

Advice for the general public on flooding in Ireland.

Geological Survey of Ireland

Data and resources from the Geological Survey of Ireland, the National Earth Science Agency.

Get Fire Statistics

Links to a range of documents providing fire statistical information.

Green Business

Supports to help businesses become more efficient with resources.


Map containing hydrometric data gathered from Ireland's network of hydrometric stations.

Hydrometric Data Resources for Ireland

Hydrometric Data from rivers, lakes and tidal locations across Ireland are collected by a number of public bodies. This service describes them and provides links to each of their data.

Integrated Petroleum Affairs System Data

Available technical data (wells, seismic, gravity & magnetic) on petroleum exploration and production activity in Ireland.

Ireland's Environment

Data, news and resources on Ireland's environment.

Make an Environmental-Related Complaint to Mayo County Council

Facility provided by Mayo County Council allowing residents make an environmental-related complaint.

Map of Radiation Monitoring Locations

Interactive map showing radiation monitoring locations in Ireland.

Map of Radon Risk Areas

Interactive map indicating which areas are at higher risk from radon.

Masts Site Viewer

Interactive map of Ireland containing information about masts.

Met Self-Briefing

Web-based service to enable the self-briefing of pilots before flight.

Met √Čireann Weather Warning System

Weather Warnings system in support of emergency management and the alerting and warnings of the public.


Password-protected platform for the provision of tailored weather services to public service bodies.

Oil and Gas (Exploration & Production)

Details of the role played by the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment in the Petroleum Affairs Division.

Open an Account with the National Emissions Trading Registry

Facility to open an account, register as a verifier or make changes to existing account details on Ireland's National Emission Trading Registry.

Our Ocean Wealth

Facility providing news and research on marine matters.

Pay Litter Fine Online Galway County Council

An online facility to pay litter fines to Galway County Council

Pay for WEEE Services with Mayo County Council

Facility to apply and pay for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) services with Mayo County Council.

Portal for Organisations to Manage Licenses and Registrations

Portal for organisations to manage registrations and licenses, and to communication with the Environmental Protection Agency and each other.

Radon Measurement

Apply for a Radon Measurement.

Radon in Water Testing

Details of a test for householders to check for randon in water.

Register a Wastewater Treatment System

Facility to register a wastewater treatment system.

Report Geological Information - Landslides

Facility to report landslides.

Report Geological Information - Newly Exposed Rock

Facility to report type of rock exposed during construction.

Report a Fault or Environmental Concern to Donegal County Council

Facility allowing users to report a fault or environmental concern to the Donegal County Council.

Report a Fault to Dublin City Council

Facility allowing users to report a fault to Dublin City Council or request a service.

Report an Environmental Incident

Details on how to report an environmental incident to your local authority or the Environment Protection Agency.

Request Determination from EPA Regarding Waste Licensing Requirements

Facility to request a determination from the Environmental Protection Agency on licensing requirements for a particular activity.

SEAI Energy Data Portal

Data repository on Ireland's energy trends and statistics.

SEAI Energy in Schools Programme

Resources for teaching about energy in primary and secondary school.

Search for a Waste Application or Licence or Annual Environmental Report

Facility to search for a waste management licence, environmental information or Annual Environmental Report.

Search for a Waste Water Discharge Application, Authorisation or Annual Environmental Report

Facility to search for a Waste Water Discharge Application, Authorisation or Annual Environmental Report.

Search for an IPPC application, licence or Annual Environmental Report

Search for an IPPC application, licence or Annual Environmental Report.

Search for an Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Application, Licence or Annual Environmental Report

Facility to search for a Industrial Emissions/Integrated Pollution Control application, licence or environmental information.

Stop Food Waste

Programme to help householders manage food wastage in the home.

View Environmental Maps

Access to environmental data and maps through the Environmental Protection Agency's geoportal.

View Seismic Survey Location Datasets

Data and resources related to oil and gas exploration.

View the Air Quality Index

Facility providing up-to-date regional air quality information from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Water Catchments

Advice on looking after water sources at a community level.