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Independent Review Group – Private Practice in Public Hospitals

Published: 10 August 2018
From: Department of Health

The Minister for Health established an Independent Review Group to conduct an impact analysis on the separation of private practice from the public hospital system, with a view to practical approaches that can be taken to removing private practice from public hospitals, the impacts that this will have, what timeframe might apply and how to phase it over time.

On December 14th 2017, the Independent Review Group launched a public consultation seeking views from members of the public and from interested parties on the current arrangements in relation to private practice in public hospitals; on the future direction that might apply; and on suggestions in relation to transitional arrangements to give effect to the future direction. In particular, the Group invited submissions related to the following themes:

  • eligibility, access and equity
  • current and future funding arrangements
  • legislative and legal issues
  • operational matters including specialist services
  • recruitment and retention of personnel
  • practical approaches to removing private practice from public hospitals including timeframe and phasing

A copy of the submissions received can be viewed via the links below.

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