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Public Consultation - Employment and Investment Incentive (EII), Start-Up Refunds for Entrepreneurs (SURE), Start-Up Capital Initiative

From: Department of Finance
Open for submissions from: 3 May 2019, 17:00
Closed on: 24 May 2019, 17:00

Public Consultation Employment and Investment Incentive (EII) Start-Up Refunds for Entrepreneurs (SURE) Start-Up Capital Initiative



The Employment and Investment Incentive (EII) is a tax incentive initiated in 2011 providing tax relief of up to 40% in respect of investments made in certain corporate trades. Initial tax relief of 30% of the amount invested is provided with a further potential 10% available three years after the initial investment should certain criteria on employment or R&D be met. The main objective of EII is to provide SMEs and start-ups with an alternative source of funding and to support the creation and retention of employment in SMEs across the economy.

The Start-Up Refunds for Entrepreneurs (SURE) scheme replaced the Seed Capital Scheme and is a tax incentive scheme targeted at those looking to set up a new company who were previously in PAYE employment or were recently unemployed. The SURE scheme provides tax relief in the form of a refund of PAYE tax paid by claimants of up to 41% of the capital invested in the new business. The SURE scheme aims to act as a source of finance to assist people to start their own businesses.

The Start-up Capital Incentive (SCI). Under the SCI, companies can raise up to €500,000 from investors who are connected with current shareholders.

To qualify for the SCI the company must:

  • be a micro-enterprise (being one with 10 or fewer employees and one whose annual turnover and/or annual balance sheet total does not exceed €2 million)
  • carry on a brand new business, and not one that was acquired, in whole or in part, from anyone else
  • be a stand-alone business (the founders must not have other similar businesses
  • be less than 7 years old

Consultation Process

This written consultation will run until Friday 24 May 2019.

How to Respond


Alternatively, you may respond by post to:

EII/SURE/SCI Public Consultation
Address: Room 2.2, 14-16 Merrion Row, Department of Finance, Government Buildings, Upper Merrion Street, Dublin 2, D02 R583

When responding, please indicate if you are a business, business professional, adviser, representative body or member of the public.