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Organisation Information

Funded Research

Published: 29 August 2019
From: Department of Children and Youth Affairs


Over the years the DCYA and its predecessor, the National Children’s Office, have funded a number of research programmes each with their own unique purpose and funding structure. Below is an outline of each programme and a link to a list of associated publications:


National Children’s Research Programme

This programme, which was established in 2004, was informed by the holistic understanding of children’s lives set out in the National Children's Strategy 2000-2010. In consequence, it privileges the voices of children while recognising the role played by families, communities and formal supports in their lives.

In addition to the largest research project funded under this programme, namely the Growing Up In Ireland Study, 27 other studies, focusing on different areas of children’s lives, were commissioned or funded under the Funded Research Programme between 2004 and 2009.

 DCYA Research Scholarship Programme

The Research Scholarship Programme, established in 2001, was developed to support the building of research capacity in relation to children and the issues that affect them. From 2011-14 the Programme specifically supported research projects directly relevant to the outcome areas of the National Strategy for Research and Data on Children's Lives 2011-2016.

By the time the Programme came to its conclusion in 2014 there were 28 Briefing Notes created from the completed MA and PhD studies supported under the Research Scholarship Programme.


2010-12 DCYA/IRC Co-Funded Research Development Initiative

This scheme, which closed for applications in June 2012, was co-funded with DCYA by the Department of the Environment Community and Local Government, the Family Support Agency and Irish Research Council.

The scheme focussed on social policy research projects, and in particular on areas identified as priorities under the NSRDCL. Similar to the National Children’s Research Programme this required the establishment of a direct link between researchers and policy makers.


DCYA/IRC Scholarship Scheme

In October 2017 DCYA started funding a PhD scholarship based on analysis of Growing Up in Ireland data and connected to the BOBF National Outcomes. In October 2018 another scholarship was authorised by the Department.

For further details on the scholarship programme, including terms and conditions and how to apply see here.

Upon request, a range of research publications are available in PDF format from DCYA's Research and Evaluation Unit.

A list of available publications can be found here.

Please contact dcyaresearch@dcya.gov.ie