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Organisation Information

Framework of Assignments

Published: 19 December 2018
From: Department of Finance

The Secretary General of the Department of Finance has certain responsibilities as set down by the Public Service Management Act 1997.

These responsibilities include:

  • managing the Department
  • implementing Government policies appropriate to the Department
  • delivering outputs as determined with the Minister
  • providing advice to the Minister and using resources to meet the requirements of the Comptroller and Auditor General (Amendment) Act, 1993 in relation to regularity and propriety, as well as to economy, efficiency and effectiveness
  • preparing Statements of Strategy for submission to the Minister
  • providing progress reports to the Minister on the implementation of the Statement of Strategy
  • ensuring proper use of resources and the provision of cost-effective public services
  • making sure arrangements are in place to maximise efficiency in cross-departmental matters
  • preparing an outline of how specific responsibilities are to be assigned to ensure that the functions performed on behalf of the Minister are performed by an appropriate officer, or an officer of an appropriate grade or rank down through the Department
  • managing matters relating to appointments, performance, discipline and dismissal of civil servants below the grade of Principal or its equivalent

The above list of responsibilities are not exhaustive and the Secretary General may also be required to carry out further functions on behalf of the Minister.

The Secretary General may delegate responsibility and accountability but they still retain ultimate responsibility for the actions of the Department - no matter who they delegated responsibility to.

The revised framework, as set out in this document, constitutes a consolidated statement as at October 2019 of all assignments under the Act by the Secretary General of the Department of Finance.

Framework of Assignments – October 2019