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Organisation Information

Department of Children and Youth Affairs Twitter Policy

Published: 21 January 2020
From: Department of Children and Youth Affairs

Twitter – @DCYAPress

Twitter is used as the main social media tool of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

The account is managed by authorised Press Office staff.

In addition, other account(s) are run by DCYA units as follows:

What can followers expect?

If you follow us, you can expect tweets, photos and videos covering some or all of the following:

  • press releases on the department's activities and Ministerial speeches will be announced via Twitter in addition to normal distribution channels
  • event information and occasional live coverage of events
  • alerts about new content on our website and links to official department publications
  • other practical information on services available through the department

The department is not responsible, liable for and does not endorse the privacy practices of any linked websites. Your use of social media websites is at your own risk. The department assumes no responsibility or liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred as a result of any use or reliance upon the information and material contained within or downloaded from these websites.

Who we follow

The Department will follow other government departments and agencies, as well as any accounts followed by our audience, or accounts of interest to our followers. The Press Office reserves the right to determine whether or not an account should be followed.


Retweets are not endorsements of an opinion or comment.

The Department of Children and Youth Affairs retweets third parties where they are a government department or office (including international or multilateral government), or a related organisation. Other third parties may be retweeted in circumstances where we consider there to be direct benefit to our followers. This will be determined by the Press Office on a case-by-case basis.

Replies and Direct Messages

Unfortunately, we cannot provide replies or other feedback to our followers.

Our use of Twitter is not intended as a means of contacting the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, or submitting personal or press queries. Sending a message via Twitter is not considered as contacting the Department for official purposes. Such contact should be made through our business units, details of which are available on our website.

You can also email the department at: contact@dcya.gov.ie

Please do not include personal/private information if you tweet @DCYAPress.


The department reserves the right to report the following to Twitter and block the relevant account:

  • accounts that impersonate the Department of Children and Youth Affairs in any way
  • abusive and spam tweets


@DCYAPress operates during normal office hours from Monday to Friday, but may also operate outside of these hours on a discretionary basis.