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Policy Information

Sustainable Travel

Published: 3 July 2019
From: Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport

The aim of Smarter Travel is to get people to think about how and why we make travel choices for all the trips they make. It's about considering the impact travel decisions have on others and on ourselves.

Do we need to drive to the local shop to pick up the paper or could we walk? Do we need to drive to work or could we cycle? If we have to drive the kids to school could we car share with other parents in our neighbourhood? Do we need a lift to the airport or could we get a bus?

We all know that walking and cycling are better for our health than driving and that getting public transport cuts congestion and is better for the environment.

We need to use this knowledge to inform our choices.

Between workers and students, around 400,000 people travel 4 kilometers or less to work or school or college by car every day distances that could easily be cycled or walked. If even just these people changed to walking or cycling urban traffic jams would be a thing of the past.

The Irish economy would reap benefits from the improved efficiency in goods movements. It would mean lower overheads for everyone due to time savings. It would provide a welcome extra boost to competitiveness.

Smarter Travel is the transport policy for Ireland that sets out how the vision of a sustainable travel and transport system can be achieved.

The Smarter Travel programme doesn't just set out a vision for better travel choices but also provides funding to provide information and improve facilities for cyclists, walkers and public transport users to make it easier for us to make the right choices.

A dedicated website www.smartertravel.ie has been established to provide information and updates on all aspects of the wider Smarter Travel policy and its implementation.