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DCYA Statistical Database

Published: 1 June 2018
From: Department of Children and Youth Affairs


The Statistical Database will serve as a central location for users to access data relevant to the well-being of children and young people. The key objective of the database is that all frequently requested data non confidential data will be available on the website for all users in an easily accessible format and will be regularly updated.

Initially, the data will be drawn from 'The Indicator Set for Better Outcomes Brighter Futures' and from the biennial 'State of the Nation's Children' reports. Subsequent disaggregated data intended to supplement the Better Outcomes Brighter Futures Indicator Set will also be included in the repository, as will other commonly used relevant data.

The database will contain a search facility that enables users to find data of interest or get answers to tailor-made requests. Users can sub-set a dataset, restructure it and display it on screen or download it in a file-type of their choice.

Technical Note

The statistical database will be built in manner to support the government's Open Data Initiative. The commitment to establishing a statistical database is also in line with Action 24 of the Civil Service Renewal Plan that seeks “Improvements in how data is collected, managed and share'. The database will be managed in line with Irish Statistical System Code of Practice (ISSCoP).

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