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eHealth Strategy for Ireland

Published: 7 June 2013
From: Department of Health

The purpose of the Strategy is to provide an outline of eHealth and demonstrate how the individual citizen, the Irish healthcare delivery systems – both public and private – and the economy as a whole will benefit from eHealth.

It shows how the proper introduction and utilisation of eHealth will ensure:

  • the patient is placed at the centre of the healthcare delivery system and becomes an empowered participant in the provision and pursuit of their health and wellbeing
  • the successful delivery of health systems reform and the associated structural, financial and service changes planned
  • the realisation of health service efficiencies including optimum resource utilisation
  • Ireland’s healthcare system can respond to the challenge defined by the EU task force report - Redesigning health in Europe for 2020 - to ensure that in the future all EU citizens have access to a high level of healthcare, anywhere in the Union, and at a reasonable cost to our healthcare systems
  • the potential of eHealth as a driver for economic growth and development can be realised

eHealth Strategy for Ireland


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