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Hydrometric Data Resources for Ireland

From: Office of Public Works

This service is produced by the National Hydrometric Working Group

Hydrometric Data from rivers, lakes and tidal locations across Ireland are collected by a number of public bodies. A full listing of registered hydrometric stations or locations where monitoring is undertaken is contained in The Register of Hydrometric Gauging Stations in Ireland as compiled by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

All stations contained in the register, both active and historic operated by all organisations, are contained in the EPA’s HydroNet portal. EPA hydrometric data can be accessed directly through this portal and data for the other listed organisations can be accessed via links contained in the HydroNet website.

Hydrometric Data collected at the hydrometric monitoring stations listed can also generally be obtained directly from the operating body as referenced in the Register. Most of the organisations listed provide websites where the data can be freely viewed and downloaded subject to data usage disclaimers, and agreement with terms and conditions of use.

Office of Public Works Data

The Office of Public Works (OPW) operates a large number of hydrometric stations across the country. Websites providing access to real-time water level data, and to the complete OPW hydrometric archive are available via the OPW Flood Risk Management - Hydrometric & Hydrological Data web page.

Environmental Protection Agency Data

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) operates a large number of hydrometric stations across the country on behalf of the Local Authorities. The entire EPA hydrometric archive is available in an Open Data format from the http://www.epa.ie/hydronet website. The EPA also operates a network of ground water level and quality monitoring stations, click on http://www.epa.ie/water/wm/groundwater/ for further information. The groundwater level data can be accessed through http://www.epa.ie/hydronet .

Waterways Ireland Data

Waterways Ireland operates hydrometric stations located mainly on navigable channels (canals, rivers and lakes) and data are available from the website http://netview.ott.com/waterwaysireland-le/

The Marine Institute Data

The Marine Institute operates hydrometric stations predominantly at tidal locations and data from these stations are available from the web page http://www.marine.ie/Home/site-area/data-services/real-time-observations/tidal-observations

The Electricity Supply Board Data

The Electricity Supply Board (ESB) operates a small number of hydrometric stations predominantly at locations associated with hydroelectric power generation and related hydrometric information can be accessed from the web page https://www.esb.ie/our-businesses/generation-energy-trading-new/hydrometric-information/overview

Northern Ireland Data

The Department for Infrastructure Rivers (DfI) operates the surface water hydrometric network that monitors river flows and lake levels in Northern Ireland. The Department for Infrastructure (DfI) Rivers hydrometric archive can be accessed from the National River Flow Archive (NRFA). The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) operates a network of groundwater level monitoring sites. The National Groundwater Level Archive (NGLA) and NIEA provide further information on groundwater in Northern Ireland.

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