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What Make Work Pay is

For people who get a disability payment, work pays better than getting Disability Allowance payments. Changes introduced in 2017 under the ‘Make Work Pay’ initiative ensure people with disabilities feel secure in their decision to explore work options and maintain key benefits when working.

How to qualify

To qualify, you must be getting Disability Allowance, or Blind Pension, or be on Invalidity Pension, or Illness Benefit, and wish to apply for Partial Capacity Benefit.

Rates of payment

    If: Then:
    Disability Allowance is your main income and you can start work you can earn up to €120 a week and you can keep your full payment
    you earn between €120 and €350 from your job we will only take half of this into account when we assess your Disability Allowance payment
    you decide to take up work and qualify for Disability Allowance you get to keep your free travel pass for as long as you qualify for Disability Allowance
    you later no longer qualify for Disability Allowance you can keep your free travel pass for five years and medical card for three


If this is something that you feel might interest you, please contact your local Intreo Centre to set up an appointment with a case officer.

Seeing a case officer won’t change the amount of your current social welfare payment and your payment will not be reviewed because you have been to see one.

It’s important to note that the choice about working and training is up to you. Case officers are here to help explore all available options.