Sláintecare Implementation Strategy

The health and wellbeing of our population is central to our society and our country.

Built on consensus Sláintecare is a ten-year programme to transform our health and social care services.

Over the next ten years, Sláintecare will:

  • Promote the health of our population to prevent illness
  • Provide the majority of care at or closer to home
  • Create a system where care is provided on the basis of need not ability to pay
  • Move our system from long waiting times to a timely service – especially for those who need it most
  • Create an integrated system of care, with healthcare professionals working closely together

You can read the Sláintecare Implementation Strategy in full here

Key Publications

Slaintecare Implementation Strategy ga


Sláintecare Report ga


Health Service Capacity Review 2018 ga


Ó: Roinn an Taoisigh
Foilsithe: 8 August 2018