Image: Year of Skills


The EU has identified skills shortages as a key challenge and has designated the 12-months beginning May 2023 as the EU Year of Skills.

The CSO is reporting highest ever employment rates for Ireland but within that businesses are reporting the availability of highly skilled workers an increasingly critical issue.

As the OECD noted in their Skills Strategy Ireland Report Ireland is a role model in 3rd level education attainment, but our participation in lifelong learning, reskilling and upskilling lags top EU countries, with many of us at risk of falling behind without the skills to thrive in our personal and work lives.

The many benefits from learning a new skill include mental well-being, increased self-esteem, career advancement, gaining practical skills and connecting with like-minded individuals.

This campaign aims to start a conversation around reskilling and upskilling, to know we can learn a new skill at any stage of our lives as we go on that journey to reach our full potential.

Below are links to options that may inspire.