Low Pay Commission

Research Bursaries Campaign 2023

The Low Pay Commission is seeking applications for three Research Bursaries of €25,000 each. The purpose of these bursaries is to provide more knowledge and information in relation to low pay and labour market economics in Ireland.

Applicants must be full-time researchers with a proven track record in producing high quality peer reviewed research or PhD students who are enrolled in a PhD programme, where the work they will undertake will be supervised in a structured way by a senior researcher with expertise in the relevant area. The details of how this supervision would take place should be outlined in the application. Research proposals must be on topics related to low pay in Ireland or related topics where the research would have a bearing on the issues which the Commission is obliged to consider in its’ terms of reference which can be viewed in the attachment below.

The recipient of the bursary would commit to producing a substantial piece of research which should be of a standard that it could be publishable in a good peer reviewed social science or economic journal. The research paper should be completed within a year of being approved for the bursary. The recipient would be expected to provide a progress report on the work within 6 months and to supply a finished research paper which would be presented in a public seminar within a year of receiving the bursary. While the research paper would be published on the Commission’s website, the Commission would not claim any rights to the paper which could be submitted by the author for publication elsewhere or become a chapter in their PhD thesis.

The Commission is keen to encourage research of a high standard. The research bursaries will be for one year. Researchers who are engaged in projects that last longer than a year will be free to reapply for continuing funding.

Applicants should send the completed application form as well as a C.V. to secretarylpc@enterprise.gov.ie by the closing date.

PhD student applicants should also send their supervisor’s C.V., as well as a letter from their supervisor supporting their application, confirming that they are supervising the applicant, and outlining how the project would be supervised over the period of the bursary.

Deadline for Applications: 8 March 2023

Outcome of Call for Applications: 7 April 2023

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Application form for Research Bursaries 2023

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Sparánachtaí Taighde an Choimisiúin um Pá Íseal 2023

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Foirm Iarratais Sparánachtaí Taighde 2023 an Choimisiúin um Pá Íseal

The Low Pay Commission makes recommendations to the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment designed to set a minimum wage that is fair and sustainable.

When appropriate the minimum wage can be adjusted to assist as many low-paid workers as possible without harming overall employment or competitiveness.

The Low Pay Commission has recommended an 80 cent increase in the 2023 National Minimum Wage. Read the Low Pay Commission Annual Report 2022.

Should you wish to contact the Low Pay Commission in relation to the national minimum wage or matters relating to the low paid, please see contact details below.