Low Pay Commission

Increase in National Minimum Wage - January 2023

From 1 January 2023 the National Minimum Wage rate increases from €10.50 to €11.30 per hour.

Category of employee Hourly rate
Aged 20 and above €11.30
Aged 19 €10.17
Aged 18 €9.04
Aged under 18 €7.91

In order to ensure that the increase in the minimum wage does not result in employers attracting a higher level of PRSI charge solely due to this increase, the employer PRSI threshold increases from €410 to €441 on 1 January 2023.

The Low Pay Commission makes recommendations to the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment designed to set a minimum wage that is fair and sustainable.

When appropriate the minimum wage can be adjusted to assist as many low-paid workers as possible without harming overall employment or competitiveness.

The Low Pay Commission has recommended an 80 cent increase in the 2023 National Minimum Wage. Read the Low Pay Commission Annual Report 2022.

Should you wish to contact the Low Pay Commission in relation to the national minimum wage or matters relating to the low paid, please see contact details below.