Government Accounting

This site aims to provide easy access to information in relation to financial management and accounting guidance for the central government area and in particular the Public Spending Code, the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies, guidance on State Board appointments, information on the Modernisation of Public Reporting and Accounting, Internal Audit including Audit Committee Guidance and guidance on Risk Management.

Accounting and Financial Reporting requirements

This page contains guidance on policy, procedures and principles for accounting and financial management for the central government area. Read more.


This page contains key policy guidance most notably the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies 2016 and the Annex on Gender Balance, Diversity, and Inclusion . The aim is to ensure both Central Government Departments and offices and also public bodies meet the highest standards of Corporate Governance. Read more.

Public Spending code

The Public Spending Code is the set of rules and procedures that apply to ensure that the best possible value-for-money is obtained whenever public money is being spent or invested. Read more.

Financial Reporting and Reform

This page contains documents and links on the Modernisation of Public Financial Reporting and Accounting reform programme in Ireland. Read more.

About Us

This page contains information on what Government Accounting Unit does and the role, functions and responsibilities of the unit. Read more.