Housing for All

Housing for All - a New Housing Plan for Ireland is the government’s housing policy to 2030. It is a multi-annual, multi-billion euro plan which will improve Ireland’s housing system and deliver more homes of all types for people with different housing needs. It has a built-in annual review mechanism to respond to progress made in implementing the plan, to challenges in implementation, and to changes in the external environment.

Read the annual update of the Housing for All Action Plan . It sets out priorities for the year ahead to activate and accelerate the delivery of housing.

Quarterly Progress Reports are published, setting out performance against the targets and actions set out in the plan.

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Opening doors to your new home

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, a number of supports are now available. Different initiatives help in different ways. Some target first time buyers. Some make buying or renting more affordable. Others help with refurbishment.

Housing for All: Plan and progress