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Mid-Year Expenditure Reports

Published: 17 December 2018
From: Department of Public Expenditure and Reform

The Mid-Year Expenditure Report (MYER) was introduced in 2016 as a part of the Budgetary cycle. It provides the pre-Budget baseline for cross-Departmental expenditure.

It is published every summer, which gives enough time in advance of the Budget to examine priorities as well as to identify areas where there could be significant expenditure pressures or risks.

In general, chapter 1:

  • sets out an update on in-year expenditure at the midpoint of the year, and
  • provides multi-annual ceilings for expenditure

Chapter 2:

  • examines the trends that are driving the overall volume of public expenditure

Chapter 3 summarises the findings of the Spending Review, although this is not directly related.

Mid-Year Expenditure Report (MYER) 2019


Mid-Year Expenditure Report (MYER) 2018


Mid-Year Expenditure Report (MYER) 2017


Mid-Year Expenditure Report (MYER) 2016


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