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Organisation Information

Property Management Branch

Published: 31 October 2019
From: Department of Defence

Property Management Branch oversees the Defence Organisation’s property portfolio and implementation of the Defence Forces Built Infrastructure programme.

The property portfolio consists of approximately 70 sites including 14 permanently occupied military barracks, together with lands comprising circa 21,000 acres, most notably the Curragh Plains. The Defence Forces Built Infrastructure programme provides for the delivery of essential infrastructure projects that take account of priority military needs.

The size, diversity and nature of the property holdings is designed to support Defence Forces requirements in relation to training and maintaining military personnel, undertaking and sustaining military operations and providing accommodation and training facilities.

The provision and maintenance of this property portfolio is an essential element in enabling the Defence Organisation to fulfil its primary goal:

"To provide for the military defence of the State, contribute to national and international peace and security and fulfil all other roles assigned by Government."

Property Management Branch are working in conjunction with the newly created Land Development Agency in relation to surplus property holdings to identify potential solutions to housing demand.