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Organisation Information

Department of Health State Board Appointments

Published: 5 June 2019
From: Department of Health

State Board Appointments

As part of good governance and accountability, most bodies appoint a board to oversee the activities of that body. State bodies are no different.

The Department of Health has responsibility for a number of state bodies. The Minister for Health nominates and appoints members to many of the boards of those state bodies. These are called state boards.

If you are interested in being a member of a state board, including one under the aegis of this department, you can register your interest on the State Boards website.

All state boards vacancies where the Minister has nominating rights must be advertised by the Public Appointments Service on the State Boards website.

There may be some vacancies that must be filled through a specific process, like where expertise is required in a specific area, or where a member is being reappointed on the basis that they’ve demonstrated their capacity to perform effectively and to ensure continuity on boards.

When vacancies are advertised, and subject to what is set out above, all applications received will be considered.

In making any board appointments, the Minister will not necessarily be confined to those who make such expressions of interest but will ensure that all of those appointed have the relevant qualifications for the positions. In that respect, the Minister will have regard to the body or agency in question and its particular area of responsibility, as well as ensuring that the board members have an appropriate mix of skills and experience in such areas as corporate governance, legal expertise and financial expertise (with particular reference to audit capability and or project assessment).

The Minister may, from time to time, also decide not to fill all existing vacancies.

Members of state boards may be entitled to some remuneration and or refund of expenses incurred in doing their work. The One Person One Salary Principle precludes all public servants from receiving fees.

Current Board vacancy notices are available online

Click on each of the state boards at the link below for information on each, including their membership, when the members were appointed, when their appointments expire and the nominating body.

State Boards under the aegis of the Department of Health

There is further information regarding appointments to state boards under the aegis of the department.