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Organisation Information

Department of Health Statement of Strategy 2016 – 2019

Published: 4 June 2019
From: Department of Health

In accordance with the provisions of the Public Service Management Act, 1997, the Department of Health has published its new Statement of Strategy 2016-2019, which sets out the department’s mission, strategic objectives and priority actions for the next 3 year period.

The new strategy reflects the relevant commitments in the new Programme for a Partnership Government (particularly chapters 5, 6 and 7) and the ongoing reform process.

The department's role is to provide strategic leadership for the health service and to ensure that government policies are translated into actions and implemented effectively. The department supports the Minister and Ministers of State in their implementation of government policy and in discharging their governmental, parliamentary and departmental duties.

This includes:

  • leadership and policy direction for the health sector to improve health outcomes
  • governance and performance oversight to ensure accountable and high quality services
  • collaboration to achieve health priorities and contribute to wider social and economic goals
  • an organisational environment where, on an ongoing basis, high performance is achieved, collaborative working is valued and the knowledge and skills of staff are developed

The 5 strategic objectives described in the Statement of Strategy are listed below. It is important to note that to one extent or another, these objectives are inter-related and inter-dependent.

The 5 strategic objectives are:

  • support people to lead healthy and independent lives
  • ensure the delivery of high quality and safe health and social care
  • create a more responsive, integrated and people-centred health and social care service
  • promote effective and efficient management of the health services
  • develop a high-performing department to lead and oversee the health and social care sector

Department of Health Statement of Strategy 2016 – 2019

This Statement of Strategy sets out the Department of Health's mission, its values, and its role and main functions. It describes the current environment in which health and social services are to be delivered and identifies a number of underlying themes that will inform our work over the three year period. It outlines the actions the department will take.


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