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Policy Information

Local Improvement Scheme

Published: 15 November 2018
From: Department of Rural and Community Development

The Local Improvement Scheme (LIS) provides funding to help local authorities carry out improvement works on private and non-publicly maintained roads.

Often these roads lead to a number of homes, farms or fields in use, or to lakes, rivers and beaches.

The scheme is also an important part of the delivery of the government’s Realising Our Rural Potential - Action Plan for Rural Development. One of the pillars of the action plan focuses on improving rural infrastructure and connectivity.

For more information on how to access funding, see Local Improvement Scheme Roads Funding.

Please find below details of what projects were approved for funding and the roads selected by local authorities to be improved in 2018.

Local Improvement Scheme funding in 2019

LIS Allocations 2019


Local Improvement Scheme funding in 2018

LIS Allocation 2018


Local Improvement Scheme funding in 2017

LIS Allocations 2017


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