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Corporate Governance Standard for the Civil Service

Published: 13 December 2018
From: Department of Public Expenditure and Reform

A Corporate Governance Standard for the civil service is now in place. This standard is to be used by each department and office to guide the development of their individual governance frameworks. This is the first time that such a standard has been produced for the civil service as a whole.

Good governance is central to the effective operation of government departments. It is vitally important in discharging their statutory and policy obligations. It ensures that a framework of structures, policies and processes are in place to deliver on these obligations and it allows for an objective assessment of management and corporate performance.

The standard sets out a summary of good governance principles, and an adaptable governance framework including provisions to be used in documenting each department’s own arrangements. Departments and offices are now to document and publish their governance arrangements in accordance with the principles set out in this standard.

The Civil Service Renewal plan commits to strengthening corporate governance in the civil service in line with international best practice. This is being achieved by the introduction of the Corporate Governance Standard for the Civil Service. As part of its development, a draft Corporate Governance Standard was published in May 2015 to allow for a public consultation process. The corresponding press release—‘Public Consultation Process on Draft Corporate Governance Standard for Central Government Departments’—is available to view here.

Thirty-one submissions were received as part of this public consultation process. Full details of the submissions are available here.

The development of the Corporate Governance Standard was driven by the Civil Service Management Board which has responsibility for driving the implementation of the Civil Service Renewal Plan.

The Corporate Governance Framework of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform is now available.

Corporate Governance Standard for the Civil Service