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Women's Health Taskforce

A Women's Health Taskforce was established by the Department of Health to improve women’s health outcomes and experiences of healthcare in September 2019.

The Taskforce was established to improve women’s health outcomes and experiences of healthcare, building on recent progress in women’s health, and following a recommendation from the Scoping Inquiry into the Cervical Check Screening Programme that women’s health issues be given more consistent, expert and committed attention.

In its first year, the Taskforce has listened to, engaged with and worked with more than 1,000 individuals and organisations representing women across the country.

Based on the evidence and informed by women’s voices, the Taskforce chose 4 initial priorities within its action programme:

  • Improve gynaecological health
  • Improve supports for menopause
  • Improve physical activity
  • Improve mental health among women and girls

Additional priorities will be selected for Women’s Health Taskforce Year 2.

The Taskforce is tackling a wide range of issues impacting women’s health outcomes in Ireland. Some of these issues are specific to the needs of women in Ireland, many represent health issues facing women all over the world.

The Taskforce has been established for a two-year period and is meeting every 4-6 weeks.

A nationwide “radical listening” exercise is currently underway to enable women across the country to share their views and experiences of the health sector and health services. This is a large-scale consultation process intended to maximise the participation of women across all life stages from 18 years upwards, including minority and disadvantaged women.

Data from consultation and engagement combined with the available evidence will form the basis for future policy and action to improve women’s health in Ireland.

Women’s Health Fund

Budget 2021 provides a significant investment to deliver on Programme for Government commitments to ‘Promoting Women’s Health.

This includes a new dedicated €5m Women’s Health Fund to implement a programme of priority actions arising from the work of the Women’s Health Taskforce.

The Budget also provides 12m funding for the development of maternity, gynaecology and fertility services, and 10m funding for screening services including BreastCheck and CervicalCheck.

In 2021, the new Women’s Health Fund will be used to implement actions relating to priorities chosen by the Taskforce based on evidence and extensive consultation

The Fund will deliver:

  • A national awareness campaign ‘Let’s talk about women’s health’ to provide a trusted source of information and help normalise discussions about women’s health
  • Increased supports in the areas of gynaecology, menopause, mental health and physical activity
  • Further actions under priority areas to be decided in 2021

The Department of Health and our Taskforce partners the European Institute for Women’s Health, the HSE including the National Women and Infants’ Health Programme, The National Women’s Council of Ireland, The Irish College of General Practitioners, The Institute of Public Health, and the Department of Justice and Equality will continue to listen to women and girls and work with them in the design and delivery of health and social care, and to promote a coherent, holistic approach to improving health outcomes and experiences for women and girls.

Have your Say

The Taskforce aims to be open, inclusive and transparent at every stage of its work.

We asked you for your views on how girls' and women's health can be improved. Thanks for sending us more than 500 responses. A summary has been shared with the Taskforce and is provided below:

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Further opportunities to engage with the Taskforce will be posted here as the work progresses.

Women's Health Weekly

Each week the Taskforce will invite a range of experts to come in to the Department of Health to inform the work of Taskforce.

If you have research, evidence or perspectives on aspects of women’s health which you would be willing to share please email your name, address, and a short description of your work to

Track the Taskforce

We will keep you updated on developments on our social channels (@RoinnSlainte) and on this webpage.

Follow #womenshealthIRL on all social channels for regular updates by all taskforce members.

Regular reports from the Taskforce will be available here.

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Women's Health Taskforce Eighth Meeting Output Pack

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Women's Health Taskforce Third Meeting 10th December 2020

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Women's Health Taskforce Second Meeting 31st October 2019

Women's Health Taskforce second meeting output pack

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Women's Health Taskforce First Meeting 26th September 2019


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