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Child Poverty and Well-Being Programme Office

The Child Poverty and Well-Being Programme Office was established by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in Spring 2023 to coordinate government actions that reduce child poverty and foster children’s well-being.

Ending child poverty is important because not only should every child be happy and well-cared for, but also because happy childhoods are the foundation for realising broader economic, environmental and social goals.

The ambition of the Programme Office is to prioritise action in the areas that will have the greatest impact.

Six priority areas

The government has identified six areas with the potential to make the most difference to children living in poverty. These are:

1. Income support and joblessness
2. Early learning and childcare
3. The cost of education
4. Family homelessness
5. Service integration
6. Participation in arts, culture and sport

The Programme Office will monitor and support the implementation of existing and future government strategies under these six areas. It will also undertake projects which amplify the impact of these strategies.

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