Image: Ireland's response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Ireland's response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Below you will find:

  • information for people arriving from Ukraine;
  • information for the general public; and
  • information for businesses

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Ireland is resolute in our solidarity and support for Ukraine and we are honouring our commitment to help people who have been displaced by this horrendous war.

We are working with our European and international partners to help the Ukrainian people.

Ireland has never seen so many people arrive in such a short time frame. Already thousands are receiving assistance.

Government, civil and public servants, as well as volunteers across the country, are working hard to manage this humanitarian crisis by providing the necessary supports for those who are seeking shelter and other services.

State services are being deployed to respond, but we will also continue to need the public’s help and support.

If you can, volunteer your time or skills at community level through your local Community Response Forum or by registering with Volunteer Ireland.

The war in Ukraine is causing ongoing challenges such as rising energy prices, scarcity of energy supply and supply chain issues.

All of this will place more pressure on existing services and this will have implications for everyone.

Over generations, Irish people have sought shelter and opportunities abroad.

Throughout history, Ireland has also had a long tradition of supporting other nations in times of trouble.

It is the right thing to do.

Thank you for all you are already doing to support the people of Ukraine.