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Organisation Information


Published: 2 July 2019
From: Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport

Irish Maritime Administration

The Irish Maritime Administration (IMA) was established in 2013 to integrate the planning and delivery of all the maritime services of the Department under a single national office. It is central to the Department’s drive for more efficient and effective delivery of maritime services.

The IMA is developing the maritime transport sector, by facilitating the achievement of international safety levels and by enhancing infrastructure needed to secure employment in the shipping, fishing and leisure sectors.

Irish Coast Guard

The main functions of the Irish Coast Guard are to co-ordinate search and rescue in the Irish Search and rescue region, intervene as necessary in marine casualties to prevent or minimise damage from pollution to the coastline and related interests, respond to vessels requesting a place of Refuge, implement the Oil Preparedness, Response and Co-operation Convention regime in Ireland and provide a Maritime Assistance Service.

In an emergency, dial 112/999 and ask for the Coast Guard.

Otherwise you can contact the administrative offices at:

Coastguard Headquarters
Address: Irish Coast Guard Headquarters, Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Leeson Lane, Dublin 2,
Phone: Locall:0761001601or+35316783454
Email: admin@irishcoastguard.ie

Marine Survey Office

The Marine Survey Office (MSO) is part of the Irish Maritime Administration (IMA). MSO is responsible for the implementation of all national and international legislation in relation to safety of shipping and the prevention of pollution of the marine environment from ship-based sources.

The Office carries out the initial approval of designs and drawings for new vessels or modifications to existing vessels and then carries out the surveys necessary for the certification of those vessels. In addition, it provides both a host of ancillary and back-up services to the shipping industry, the Department of Transport, and different Government Departments as well as the technical representation at relevant international meetings.

The staff of the Office consists mainly of Marine Surveyors drawn from backgrounds that ensure expertise in the different professional disciplines of nautical/navigation, engineering, naval architecture and radio, each one of them necessary to cater for all aspects of the Office's functions and obligations.

The addresses of the Marine Survey Offices are:

Marine Survey Office, Dublin
Address: Marine Survey Office, Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Leeson Lane, Dublin 2, D02 TR60
Phone: 016783400
Email: mso@dttas.gov.ie

Marine Survey Office, Cork
Address: Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Centre Park House, Centre Park Road, Cork, T12 RKON
Phone: 0214968992

Marine Survey Office, Ballyshannon
Address: Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport , Town Council Buildings, Abbeyview, Ballyshannon, Donegal,
Phone: 0719822400

Maritime Safety Policy Division

The Maritime Safety Policy Division is responsible for maritime safety policy including maritime environment and pollution prevention, for the legislative programme to support it, and for corporate governance of the Marine Casualty Investigation Board (MCIB).

For general queries, email maritimesafetypolicydivision@dttas.gov.ie

For Marine Notices queries, email marinenotices@dttas.gov.ie

For queries relating to the medical regulations/assessment scheme, email medicalregulations@dttas.gov.ie

The Code of Practice for the Safe Operation of Recreational Craft is a valuable source of information, advice and best practice operational guidance for owners, masters, operators and users of a range of pleasure and recreational craft operating in Irish coastal and inland waters.

For queries on this publication and guidance on Maritime Passenger Transport Accessibility, email marineleisuresafety@dttas.gov.ie

Seafarers' Medical Examinations Scheme

Maritime Services Division

Maritime Services Division (MSD) supports the delivery of maritime safety and regulatory functions, marine emergency response and pollution prevention measures. In this role, it assists and advises the Irish Coast Guard and the Marine Survey Office and is responsible for the operation of the Mercantile Marine Office.

It also has a corporate governance role for the Commissioners of Irish Lights. MSD is tasked with the implementation of IT development across the IMA to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, address service gaps and offer an up-to-date and efficient service to the public and industry.

Contact: MSD@dttas.gov.ie

Maritime Transport Division

Maritime Transport Division is responsible for policy development and implementation in relation to ports and shipping.

A new National Ports Policy was published in March 2013. The core objective of National Ports Policy is to facilitate a competitive and effective market for maritime transport services.

A copy of the new policy document is available here.

The shipping and maritime commerce sectors are the largest direct employers in the Irish maritime economy. It has been estimated that the sector directly contributes over 40% of the total turnover for the entire marine sector.

The Department aims to foster conditions supportive of the development of Irish based ship ownership, ship management and related maritime activities.

The Irish Maritime Development Office is the Statutory Development Body responsible for the development of the Irish shipping services sector. They also have a role in advising the Minister with regard to shipping policy.

Maritime Transport Division
Address: Maritime Transport Division, Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Maritime Transport Division, Leeson Lane, Dublin, D02 TR60
Email: maritimetransport@dttas.gov.ie

Mercantile Marine Office

The functions of the MMO have their statutory origins in two pieces of legislation, the Merchant Shipping Act, 1894 and the Mercantile Marine Act, 1955. There are numerous functions and duties imposed on both the Superintendent and the Mercantile Marine Office in these Acts.

The main statutory functions carried out by the MMO to the public are to maintain a General Register of Shipping, assisting vessel owners with all aspects of Ship Registration and activities such as surveys and issuing of Ship Radio Licences and to maintain the Seafarers Information System and website, assisting seafarers with all aspects of applications for certification. IT projects are progressing that will provide a more efficient online working system for external Certificate providers, approved Doctors that issue medical fitness certificates to seafarers and applicants for ship radio licences.

Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport
Address: Leeson Lane, Dublin 2, Ireland, D02TR60
Phone: 016783480
Email: mmo@dttas.ie

MSO Administration

The Marine Survey Office (MSO) Administration - provides the necessary support to the Marine Survey Office (MSO) to fulfil its role as the maritime transport regulator for the safety, security, environmental protection and living and working conditions for vessels and ports in Ireland and Irish ships abroad.

The main responsibilities of MSO Administration are the issuing of Vessel Certificates, maintenance and daily monitoring of SafeSeas Ireland and provision of admin support in respect of Port/Flag State and maritime security. The MSO currently have an NSAI ISO accreditation which is maintained yearly with the assistance of MSO Administration.

The MSO are also the Market Surveillance Authority in respect of Recreational Craft and Marine Equipment. MSO Administration also provide support to the surveyors to carry out their statutorial duties in this regard.

MSO admin has a corporate governance role for the Commissioners of Irish Lights along with the monitoring and processing of the Irish Government’s financial contribution to the operations of CIL.

Oil Spill Pollution – MSO admin acts primarily as the support services for the delivery of pollution prevention measures specifically in respect of Oil Spill Pollution Training and Oil Spill Pollution Plans.