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Organisation Information

Legislation Branch

Published: 1 November 2019
From: Department of Defence

Legislation Branch is responsible for the formulation and implementation of the legislative reform programme in the Defence Organisation. This programme of work involves the modernisation and reform of both primary and secondary legislation.

Copies of legislation relating to the Department of Defence can be obtained from the Irish Statute Book website.

General Schemes - Copies of the General Scheme of Bills relating to the Department of Defence can be obtained here.

Defence (Amendment) Bill 2018- General Scheme

The purpose of this group of amendments is to remove the references in the Defence Act to the enlistment of persons under the age of 18. Regulations made by the Minister under section 56 of the Defence Act specify the upper and lower age limits that apply to persons enlisting in the Defence Forces.


Defence Forces (Forensic Evidence) Bill 2015

The general scheme of the Defence Forces (Forensic Evidence) Bill 2015.