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Policy Information

White Paper on Defence

Published: 16 October 2015
From: Department of Defence

The White Paper on Defence sets out a long-term approach to defence provision in Ireland.

The decisions taken in this White Paper will influence the development of defence capabilities for the next decade.

White Paper Implementation

Implementation of a total of 95 specific actions arising from the White Paper is being carried out on a phased basis over a ten-year period out to 2025. A phased approach is necessary in order to reflect Programme for a Partnership Government and Strategy Statement commitments, the related nature of some projects and resourcing implications.

This process is being kept under review and will be subject to change as issues arise and other business dictates. To date, close to 50% of all White Paper projects have been initiated since the beginning of the implementation programme and many have now been fully completed and closed, with several others due to close later in 2019.

White Paper Update

To address the evolving security environment and to ensure that defence policy remains up to date, the government decided in the White Paper to introduce a new three yearly fixed cycle of defence reviews.

The first of these reviews, which are common internationally, is a White Paper Update which is now close to finalisation and will, following Government approval, be published on the department’s website. The Update is to be followed by a more comprehensive Strategic Defence Review which, the White Paper provides, is to commence in early 2021.

White Paper on Defence August 2015

This White Paper sets out a long-term and forward-looking approach to defence provision.


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