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Maritime Safety Strategy

Published: 1 August 2019
From: Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport

The Maritime Safety Strategy focuses on the action that can be taken, by individuals, families,

friends, organisations and the maritime authorities. The overall objective is to eliminate deaths and reduce incidents in the maritime sector.

The focus is on key factors contributing to fatalities and incidents arising on

  • recreational craft
  • fishing vessels
  • passenger vessels
  • cargo ships

The theme of the strategy is ‘make time for maritime safety’.

Individuals who take to the water in any capacity, on any type of craft, must think about their own safety. That means knowing what steps to take, and taking the time to put them into practice. This means that although safety is a fundamental responsibility of the owner, master or skipper of a vessel, all who take to the water should play their part in ensuring that everyone returns to shore safely.

Maritime Safety Strategy

Make time for maritime safety


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