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Personal Reader Grant

From: Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection

What the Personal Reader Grant is

If you are blind or visually impaired and you need help with job-related reading, you may be entitled to a grant to allow you to employ a personal reader. This grant is only paid if you are employed in the private sector.

The government will pay an hourly fee, in line with the current minimum wage. It will be paid for an agreed period up to 640 hours a year.

How to qualify

You can qualify if:

  • you are employed in the private sector and need help with work-related reading because of a visual impairment
  • you have recently become visually impaired and are in danger of losing your job as a result of this impairment
  • due to becoming visually impaired you are going to do new or different work for your employer
  • your promotion prospects are being restricted because of reading difficulty due to your visual impairment


You can apply at your local Intreo office. You will get the application forms you need there or you can download them at the bottom of this page.

If the application is approved, the department pays you a grant to pay the agreed costs of your personal reader, when you send in a claim form at the end of each month. This form is also located at the bottom of the page.

You need to complete both forms and bring or send them to your local Intreo centre.

You and your employer need to meet a case officer and agree the weekly and total number of hours for which you need a personal reader.

If the application is approved, you will receive a grant to pay the agreed costs of your reader.

The personal reader must not replace any reading help normally given by work colleagues, relatives or friends.

Application Form - Section 1: Personal Reader Grant

This application form Section 1 must be accompanied by a Section 2 application for the particular Support, for example, Work Equipment/Adaptation Grant, Job Interview Interpreter Grant, Personal Reader Grant, etc


Application Form - Section 2: Personal Reader Grant

Part 2 of the grant application for a personal reader grant scheme.


Claim Form: Personal Reader Grant

This claim form must be sent in every month you are taking the Personal Reader Grant.


Operational Guidelines

Operational guidelines describe the processes and procedures that staff in the department follow when carrying out their work.

Operational Guidelines: Personal Reader Grant.