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Job Interview Interpreter Grant

From: Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection

What the Job Interview Interpreter Grant is

If you are a jobseeker who is deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment and you are attending job interviews with private sector employers, you may apply for funding to have:

  • a sign language interpreter
  • a lip speaker or
  • another interpreter attend the interviews with you

You can apply for funding to employ an interpreter for each job interview you attend.

You can also get funding to cover the costs of employing an interpreter to help you when you start work (during your induction) with a private sector employer.


You can apply for the Job Interview Interpreter Grant if you:

  • are deaf or hard of hearing or have a significant speech impairment
  • are actively seeking employment or have just started employment
  • feel you would benefit from having a sign language interpreter or other interpreter, or both, present at job interviews or for an induction period

Completed forms should be sent to your local Intreo Centre. If you know the name of the Case Officer dealing with your application please address the application to him or her.

Application Form - Section 1: Job Interview Interpreter Grant (JIIG)

Details of applicant and interview.


Application Form - Section 2: Job Interview Interpreter Grant (JIIG)

Details of interpreter, including costs, for attending the interview.


Operational Guidelines

Operational guidelines describe the processes and procedures that staff in the department follow when carrying out their work.

Operational Guidelines: Job Interview Interpreter Grant (JIIG).