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Apply for a Road Passenger Transport Operator Licence

From: Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport

To download the application form for a Road Passenger Transport Operator Licence (National or International) along with a range of other licensing forms, click the link below.

Changes to licence

You are legally obliged to inform Road Transport Operator Licensing Unit of any changes to your details or circumstances that have been provided to the Unit or that would cause you to no longer meet the requirements to obtain or hold an operator licence.

  • Change of Vehicle – to add, substitute or remove a vehicle on your licence
  • Change of Address – to change the address on your licence click on the link
  • Change of Transport Manager – to change the transport manager on your licence or nominate an additional transport manager
  • Change of Licence Member – to change a director / secretary / committee member on your licence
  • Change of Operator Name – to change the operator name on your licence (Note: The operator name may be changed where a company registers a change of company name, or where a person changes name by marriage or deed poll. A licence cannot be transferred to a different company or person.)

You can find the forms on www.rtol.ie

Replacement Documents

To replace lost or destroyed licence documents, go to www.rtol.ie. Please ensure that you indicate the document/s required in the form:

  • Road Haulage Operator Licence
  • Certified Copy of Road Haulage Operator Licence (vehicle specific)
  • Community Licence
  • Certified True Copy of Community Licence (vehicle specific)
  • Transport Disc (vehicle specific)

Road Transport Operator Licensing Unit provides two kinds of temporary permits:

Application for a Permit to replace Transport Disc in the event of vehicle breakdown or repair

Licensed road haulage operators who need to temporarily replace an authorised vehicle that is being repaired may apply for a Temporary Permit, which can replace the Transport Disc in the vehicle being repaired and can be used in respect of the temporary replacement vehicle. Temporary Permits can be issued to either National or International licence holders, but it is important to note that they are valid for operations within Ireland only. Permits are strictly temporary and cannot be used for more than 21 days. To download an application form, go to www.rtol.ie.

Application for Temporary Permission to carry on a Road Passenger Transport Operation

Where the holder of a Road Passenger Transport Operator Licence dies or becomes unable through illness to carry on the transport operation, a person involved in the business can apply for permission to carry on the operation for a period up to a maximum of one year. To download an application form, go to www.rtol.ie.


    Application in respect of licensing document Online application fee Post and public office application fee
    Application for the grant of a national or international road passenger transport operator licence €110 €140
    Application for a duplicate or replacement of any of the following documents: operator licence; certified copy of an operator licence; Community licence; certified copy of a Community licence; transport disc €20 €25

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