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Raise a Concern About a Charity

From: Department of Rural and Community Development

How Raising a Concern about a Charity Works

The Charities Regulator establishes and maintains a public register of charitable organisations operating in Ireland and ensures their compliance with the Charities Acts.

Under Part 4 of the Charities Act 2009, the Charities Regulator can appoint investigators to monitor the affairs of any charitable organisation.

Concerns can be raised about:

  • risk of significant loss or damage to a charity, its assets or beneficiaries
  • charity trustees breaching their duties
  • serious or continued misconduct by those in management and control of a charity
  • a charity not meeting the legal requirement to be a charity (the legal requirement includes having charitable purposes and providing public benefit)
  • a body representing itself as being a charity in Ireland when it is not

How to report a charity

If you have any concerns about a charity based in the Republic of Ireland, please click the link below.