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Reduce Your Use

We can all see how war and conflict are affecting energy prices across Europe. It’s no different in Ireland.

The government is providing a range of supports to lessen the impacts on homes and businesses.

By reducing our energy use, we can save money and limit our reliance on imported fossil fuels.

What the government is doing

We have published the National Energy Security Framework, which outlines the structures in place to monitor and manage our energy supplies. The Framework sets out how government is supporting households and businesses, with a particular focus on protecting those most at risk of fuel poverty.

A number of supports are available to help those most affected by rising energy costs:

  • 80% grants available for attic and cavity wall insulation
  • VAT reduction: estimated savings of €32 (electricity) and €11 (gas) based on an average bill over 6 months
  • further reduction in PSO Levy to deliver an 'indicative' annual saving of €75 on a typical household electricity bill from next winter
  • Excise Duty reduction: 20c (petrol), 15c (diesel), 5c (marked gas oil/green diesel) per litre
  • Fuel Allowance increase of €355: €5 weekly plus €225 additional payments
  • retrofitting - €109 million for free home energy upgrades for those most at risk of energy poverty
  • €20 million to be allocated for solar PV (Photo Voltaic) panels for households that have a high reliance on electricity for medical reasons
  • €18 million emergency support scheme for licensed haulage operators

On top of these immediate measures, we are accelerating our plans to move away from our reliance on fossil fuels and reach our goal of up to 80% renewable electricity by 2030. Bringing more renewable energy into the grid will have a positive impact on the market and bring savings for customers.

What you can do

Alongside government supports, now, more than ever, we all need to be mindful of how we use energy in our everyday lives.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland has information on grants available for home energy upgrades, as well as useful advice on energy efficiency.

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) provides advice and information to energy and water customers about their rights and available supports. Details on getting best value from energy suppliers by switching, what to do if you have difficulty paying bills, measures in place to protect customers and advice for vulnerable customers are available at

The Department of Transport outlines the various initiatives that are available for helping people and business to reduce the cost of transport and our dependency on fossil fuels.

There are a number of government supports and resources available to help enterprises to reduce energy costs and usage.